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Super box scores link to corresponding video. See Howard's blocks, LeBron’s isolation plays, the Suns' fast break – or any other stats category!


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GO DEEP INSIDE THE GAME offers the same online video scouting tools used by the coaches, scouts and general managers at your favorite NBA teams. Synergy Sports provides the pros with one-of-a-kind statistics on types of plays run, player moves and player tendencies—this information is not available anywhere else!


With fans can quickly and easily jump to any point of an NBA regular season or playoff game and start playing the action from there! If you miss a game or just want to relive the highlights, log on and watch as much or little of the game as you like.


Hard-core fans can also review individual games, players or teams using pro-level stats displays and then zero in on relevant video to gain deep understanding of strengths, weaknesses and overall tendencies. provides types of plays run, player tendencies, efficiency ratings, head-to-head player comparisons and more!


Get the video you want, fast! Find players, games, matchups, dunks, play types, and more. The handy type-ahead function provides suggestions for video searches previously available only to the pros.


Search results stream to your computer in seconds with play-by-play stats displayed as links. Click on any link to instantly view a selected play or jump to any place in a game. No dead ball time, no commercials— all in incredible HD quality!


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