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Synergy Stat Definitions

PPP – Points Per Play. A “Play” is always ended with a shot attempt, turnover or getting to the free throw line. PPP is the player’s total points, excluding technical free throws, divided by their total plays.

Rank – This is where a player or team’s PPP ranks amongst their league peers. A player must have at least 25 plays for a given category in order to qualify for a league ranking.

%SF - Percent Shooting Foul. This is the percentage of plays where the player or team drew a shooting foul.

%TO – Percent Turnover. This is the percentage of plays where the player or team turns the ball over.

%Score – Percent Score. This is the percentage of plays where the player or team scores at least 1 point, including any resulting free throws.
Offense – Plays

How we select the player - Synergy tracks the final play “type” in every offensive possession of the game. We always log the player responsible for the ending action which can be a shot attempt, turnover or drawing a foul that results in free throws.

All Other Plays – This category includes any offensive plays that do not fit into any of the main play types. This category includes things like last second heaves from the back court and when a player is intentionally fouled and sent to the free throw line.
Defense - Plays

How we select the player - Synergy tracks the initial on ball defender for many playtypes. For example, an offensive player is in Isolation and blows by his defender (player A) and gets to the rim. A help defender (player B) rotates over to try and contest the shot. We attribute the defensive play to Player A, as he was the person was initially beaten on the play.

What happened to the other play types? - We do not attach an individual defender on offensive rebounds, cuts or transition plays as these are team defense concepts and fault/credit usually cannot be attributed to one person.

Search Bar Hints

• You can enter a player, team or game into the search bar to start off

• You can enter abbreviations for teams, for example “LAL” will pull up Lakers results

• You can search for “lakers suns” in order to see all of the games the teams played each other

• You can search for “@ phoenix” in order to see all of Phoenix’s home games

• You can search for “suns players” in order to see the Phoenix Suns roster

• You can enter in a date, day of the week or month in order to filter suggestions
Video Player

• Synergy’s system automatically loads the most recent 250 clips that match your search. We will soon be adding controls allowing you to more playback options.

• Synergy Play By Play allows you to click on any play in a game in order to start playing the video from that point.

• The window panes button in the bottom right of the video player takes you into “Theater Mode” which brings the video to full screen. Click the ‘x’ in the top right corner in order to exit theater mode.

• Synergy uses SmoothHD technology in order to deliver the optimum video quality to each specific computer/connection. We keep 8 copies of every video clip and our system consistently checks to your system and then delivers the highest quality you can handle without experiencing playback issues.